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Its a wonderful Life – Living a Leaders Life

Did you just read that and feel ‘its not my life! My life is as bad as it can get. Leader ??? No no I am just another person who can vanish and people won’t notice.’ Almost each of us at a point in time feel ourselves to be worthless. Feel that life would have

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The Time To Start Is Now!!

“Now is now. There is nothing but now…this right here, is all there is” Start today. Don’t wait. And you’ll win. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I’m not a wizard or a guru but I’m convinced the wisdom to understand that the best time to start is always now, is priceless. I really like my work

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How To Build Ownership In Your Team

The video beautifully captures the gradually fading ethic, not just in workspace but also in our everyday life. Can you see the disgust, reluctance, nonchalance, irritation and agitation among the people who were waiting for a miracle to take place? But no one present there came up with a solution, until the little boy took

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How important is Empathy in Leadership?

Empathy, many tag it as a weakness, many as strength, but I would like to begin by asking a simple question- How often have we wished others, to be on our shoes and understand the problem from our point of view, yet how often have we done the same for others? Losing human connections, unable

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3 Ways To Move From Deciding To Doing

Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decided to jump off. How many are left? Five Why ?? Because deciding is different than doing.  The first time I read this, I smiled and thought this applies so much to me. Those days I would decide to go to the gym but I’d always find reasons to procrastinate.

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