Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decided to jump off. How many are left? 
Why ?? 
Because deciding is different than doing.

 The first time I read this, I smiled and thought this applies so much to me. Those days I would decide to go to the gym but I’d always find reasons to procrastinate. I desired to lose weight keep fit but something wouldn’t just happen right. Soon I realized that there would be 10 reasons why I did not want to do something. Mornings would be work, evenings I would be exhausted; if you are not a fitness freak you are totally getting this!

Earlier in my life, I remember telling everyone that I was so busy with work that I cannot find time for socializing. Does that ring a bell for you too ?

How did I decide to start afresh?

Things took a turn when I started started my journey in personal growth and became intentional about things that mattered to me.

How can I grow as a daughter, as a friend, as a manager? What are the things that I need to do ?? 

Now I know the one reason why I do something; ‘I want to do it’.

How can you start doing ?

I see that in life we do things that we are highly committed to do. Rest we will always find a reason to say ‘No’.

Be Aware Of Your Negative Self Talk

How many times did you postpone something because you thought you are not good at it. Or perhaps you are not perfect yet. We need to understand that we can never get good at something if we don’t really get started at it. So leave your fears behind. Know that its just your Frankenstein part of the brain taking the shots.

Over analyzing

Most of us keep going back to the same decision over and over again just to see what could be done in a better way only to realize that time has passed and we haven’t actually haven’t taken a step ahead in that direction. Again, taking small steps towards doing is very important for you to gain further clarity on the doing.

Stop Waiting, Do It Now

How many times did you decide on doing something and stopped because the time wasn’t right. And later it slipped out of your mind. Or maybe you didn’t do it because you didn’t feel like doing it.

If you are victims of similar situations may be its time to pause and reflect. 
What have you been deciding to do and not done yet? 
Say a ‘Yes’ and ‘Just Do It’