“Now is now. There is nothing but now…this right here, is all there is”

Start today. Don’t wait. And you’ll win.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

I’m not a wizard or a guru but I’m convinced the wisdom to understand that the best time to start is always now, is priceless. I really like my work and it is my favorite thing to do in this world but there are some people who go through their entire lives with the mindset that they need to make money even if it is by doing something that you are just not passionate about. Your work should be enjoyable so that it doesn’t feel like work. Success in whatever you do cannot be guaranteed but I believe that every failure should make you strong enough to stand up and try again. Never let failure hold you back.

Failures are ok in the path to success
Don’t be obsessed with Failures

Remember even the Wright brothers did not succeed with their first flight but they did not give up, they persisted and look where we are today. People might call you foolish, taunt you for the moves that you make but you know what, people will always talk. Ignore them. Sit with your thoughts, evaluate your plans and begin with whatever resources you have. Always remember that the best time to begin is now.

We have all been rejected or left disappointed time and again but it is important to take all failures in your stride. Let us take the example of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders. Born in 1890, he lost his father when he was barely 6, dropped out of school in the 7th grade. At the age of 16, he faked his age to join the United States Army but was honourably discharged a year later. He started working as a railway labourer but was fired after a fight with a co-worker. He then studied law but ruined his legal career too by getting into another brawl. He then got a job to sell insurance but got fired there too. He founded a ferry boat company and tried cashing in on it by opening a lamp manufacturing company but soon he found out that there was someone else selling a better version of it. But he never gave up. He was never bogged down by failures and he continued looking for better options, till he found his true calling.

Real difficulties vs imaginary difficulties
What Imaginary Difficulties Do You Have ?

Around the age of 40, he began selling chicken dishes at a service station. But as soon as he started advertising his product, a massive argument with a competitor resulted in a deadly shootout. Four years later he bought a motel but that got burnt out. He rebuilt the motel until World war 2 forced him to close it down. He then tried to franchise his restaurant but his chicken recipe got rejected 1009 times.

But did this guy give up? No, never!

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Keep Trying

Sanders secret recipe ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ finally became a hit. But soon the restaurant faced losses when an interstate opened closeby. Sanders sold it and then pursued his dream of spreading KFC franchises and hiring KFC workers all across the country.

The motive behind narrating the story is to explain that if you are overwhelmed by rejection or discouraged by mishappenings, remember the story of Col Sanders. He never let anything or anyone defeat him. He never waited to start something new or to take chances. It is human nature to wait until you feel everything around seems fine but waiting is not the only hardest part, it could turn out to be your worst course of action. There will be times when you might need to pull back to reboot of maybe tweak your venture but eventually believing in it and acting upon it will make it happen. The key is to remember that the best time for you to act upon your dreams and passion is now.

This quote by Paul J. Meyers sums it all up in the most perfect way –

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass!”https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/paul_j_meyer_188704