The video beautifully captures the gradually fading ethic, not just in workspace but also in our everyday life.

Can you see the disgust, reluctance, nonchalance, irritation and agitation among the people who were waiting for a miracle to take place? But no one present there came up with a solution, until the little boy took charge! Don’t we often end up believing that, someone will take charge of everything and solve our problems? Is it just a mere belief on miracles or simply indifference that results in lack of ownership in life or work?

Even if you believe in miracles and magic, I would still suggest imbibing this quality in you and people around you, the quality of ownership in workplace. Read on, as I narrate to you the importance of this quality for a better working environment (See, I did not leave my blog to miracle, I am taking ownership and writing it down, so you get benefited, it’s easy)

As you have already noticed, I am a business coach, and my job gives me enough scope to meet many employers with small or mid-scale set-ups and one problem that is persistent for all of them is- the employees are never ready to take responsibility or ownership at work. This often results in extra stress on the owner due to slow execution of work and constant need for monitoring the employees and micro-management.

True, that ownership is a determinant skill when it comes to workplace and often your future lies on it, yet you cannot blame your employees, if they lack this fine skill. Which school teaches you this?

A New York School decided to incorporate a skill development program, which will encourage its students to face challenges, make decisions and find solutions to it. This obviously prepares them well for their office environment and if you ask me, every organization must incorporate this procedure for effective growth of the organization. If you are wondering how, well, I have summed it up for you.

Sharing your Vision
Sharing your vision with your employees can be a good idea, to start with. When they know the destination, it will be easier to find the way.

Involve Them
Taking feedback, asking for suggestions is a great way to make your employees feel important and help them get more involved with the organization. More involvement eventually will help in developing ownership among them.

Encouragement is the key to boost the confidence of your employees. Encourage them to take independent decisions. (I mean real encouragement and not instructions)

Last, but the most important part for you as an employer is patience. You cannot shout and blame your employees, if there is a mistake. Things don’t change overnight and you need to understand that. Allow them to make their decisions and mistakes in the process, it might take time, but it will eventually happen and happen for the best.

Complaining never helps, but taking ownership and finding the solution is the key. As an employer, you need to find ways to help your employees develop the skill, if the lack of it is creating problems. As an employer, a bit of ownership from your end is also expected, right?.