Change is constant in our lives; a whirlwind of new beginnings and surprise endings. But career moves, change of homes, changes made to relationships and even personal breakthroughs make us feel as though the ground beneath our feet is moving, leaving no stone unturned. Some of us dance along with confidence and poise that makes us look as though we have been doing this for years while others fall on their feet, lost in the moment, unsure of the next step to take.
However, do not fear the life way as the only way out is through.

 So, lets just face life with courage and determination following the below steps:

1. Acknowledge the Waves: With wave riding, the first thing you must do is recognize that it’s there. Therefore, take a pause to consider the transformation that you are coming across. If the rising under the surface is anticipation or the lurking in your core is dread, name that emotion and respect it. By bottling them up, you are only making things worse for yourself when they explode.

2. Reframe the Narrative: We like to think that change is a bad guy in the story of our lives. Nevertheless, what if we flipped the script? Could we look at it as a chance rather than a threat, an opportunity for growth, the rewriting of a chapter, or an upcoming adventure that is yet to be discovered. Renewing the story helps to reshape your approach and bring some courage to face the unexpected in your dance with life.

3. Find Your Anchor:  In the midst of all this mess, it is essential to find something stable. It could even be something as simple as their best friend or family member, a personal mantra, or if anything a grounding mindfulness practice. There is a balance in the world, between those who are at peace with their being and those who are not.

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4. Embrace the Growth Spurt: Everything that provides a chance for development, even a change that is discomforting, can be incredibly interesting. You can imagine it like a muscle that needs to be stretched – the process may seem uncomfortable but what is fulfilled is greater flexibility and strength. Thus, enjoy the struggles, and embrace the learning process as you go along.

5. Celebrate the Small Victories: Change is not a simple journey and people very rarely travel in a straight line. There will be fumbles, roadblocks, and times where you just want to lose everything. However, keep in mind that progress does not always signify colossal steps ahead. And sometimes it is, the little steps, the silent victories that inspire us to continue in the right direction. Therefore, give yourself a little virtual pat on the back for still standing strong through all storms of life.

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6. Seek Support: No one is expected to cope with change by him/herself. So go ahead and connect to your support structure like friends, family, mentors – where you can get advice, moral support as well as someone to listen. Sharing your story can give you a sense of relief as well as answer to the question, ‘am I the only one going through all this alone’.

7. Practice Gratitude: Finally, practice gratitude for the blessings in your life, even amidst change and uncertainty. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by regularly reflecting on the things you’re thankful for and expressing appreciation for the people and experiences that bring you joy. Gratitude can help shift your perspective and bring a sense of peace and contentment amidst life’s changes.

Most of all, remember dear reader you are not a mere observer in this dance. You are the choreographer, the artist; you determine your steps and your music. Therefore, claim your change, live its beat, and let your narrative evolve through kindness and steadfastness. The world is holding its breath waiting to see your next steps!

Often in life, unforeseen changes can leave a person feeling helpless in the face of real-life challenges. While the 8 mentioned points are beneficial for coping with changes, there are instances where expert guidance becomes essential. At Inspire Excellence, we specialize in assisting individuals in dealing through seemingly impossible situations, leveraging our expertise in neural excellence enabling them not only to overcome changes in their life but also to emerge as improved versions of themselves in every facet of life.