The ISA Series

Inclusive, inclusion, inclusivity…these are the words we have come across…but do we really understand what they stand for?
As a society we talk of inclusivity, but our practice is otherwise. We are after everything Exclusive…be it emotions, offers or the wonderful car with exclusive features. The popular belief is we have to have the exclusives and knowingly we have brought the same in our own existence.

The ISA Series aspires to bring us close to people who are considered as the “other” but they are here to enlighten us that deep down we all are same and all the power of human existence comes from “within”.

Answering To Why Not - Vayjayanti Pugalia

Why discriminate in the first place! Why the need to create inclusivity for something natural! Vayjayant’s work stirs the mind with thoughts around various causes and focuses on our #Iam.

Common Lives, Uncommon Deeds

Inclusivity starts with respect. Jo-Ann Kreider says that the start to an inclusive society for us starts with embracing differences and knowing that difficult is after all not so difficult. Jo-Ann’s eldest daughter Amy mentions that to have an inclusive world we need to ‘talk to someone rather not about them’.

In Conversation with Brune M

Brune M talks about issues in the education system that doesn’t make it a Inclusive one . He also talks about the biases society has towards visually challenged or disabled people and what needs to be done to make this place a truly inclusive one.